Opportunity Green Business Conference 2009 Speakers

  • Chris Adams

    Chris Adams

    Orbit Media Group
    Chris Adams is an internationally recognized new media pioneer, entertainment industry executive and social entrepreneur with nearly twenty years of experience in creating partnerships, programming and relationships between and to the benefit of media, entertainment and online brands. Prior to launching his own consulting company, Chris co-founded Participant Productions in 2004 with Jeff Skoll, eBay's first President. Participant's vision is to create entertainment that inspires audiences to make social change.
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  • Rohit Aggarwala

    Rohit Aggarwala

    Director of Long-term Planning and Sustainability
    New York City Mayor's Office of Operations
    Dr. Aggarwala's office is charged with creating a long-term sustainability plan to ensure New York City's continued prosperity, growth, and health for the year 2030. On Earth Day, 2007 the Mayor's Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability released PlaNYC, 127 separate initiatives that include: housing an additional 1 million New Yorkers affordably; increasing access to parks, playgrounds and open spaces; reclaiming brownfields; developing critical backup systems for our aging water network to ensure reliability; providing additional reliable power sources and upgrading our existing power plants; and reducing water pollution so we can open our waterways for recreation.
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  • Marc Alt

    Marc Alt

    Marc Alt + Partners
    Marc Alt is principal of Marc Alt + Partners, a design, research and strategy agency dedicated to sustainability and social innovation. Marc Alt serves on the advisory boards of The Designers Accord, Design Ignites Change and was founding co-chair of the AIGA Center for Sustainable Design. Marc is also partner in Opportunity Green Enterprises, a platform to advance social entrepreneurship and accelerate the transition to a clean renewable energy economy through training, education, events and competitions.
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  • Frances Arnold

    Frances Arnold

    Principal Investigator
    Frances H. Arnold Research Group
    Dr. Frances Arnold is the Dick and Barbara Dickinson Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Biochemistry at the California Institute of Technology, where she has taught since 1986. Dr. Arnold's research focuses on engineering new biological systems by laboratory evolution. She is particularly interested in constructing new biocatalysts for production of renewable fuels and chemicals. Dr. Arnold is a member of the National Academy of Sciences (2008), National Academy of Engineering (2000), and the Institute of Medicine (2004)-she is one of only 8 persons elected to all three branches of the National Academies, and the only woman awarded this distinction. She is co-founder of advanced biofuels compnay Gevo, Inc. (whose investors include Khosla Ventures and Virgin Fuels), and serves on the Science Advisory Boards of Codexis, Mascoma, Arzeda and Fluidigm. She holds a B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California,Berkeley.
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  • John Babcock

    John Babcock

    Rustic Canyon Partners
    An experienced venture investor, John Babcock has been a partner at Rustic Canyon Partners since the firm's formation in 1999. He focuses on investment opportunities in clean technology, software, and advanced building materials. John currently sits on the boards of Foodlink Online, Leads360, Pentadyne, Serious Materials, and Transonic Combustion. John's previous investments include SiliconSystems (sold to Western Digital), HomeGain (sold to Classified Ventures), and Cyrano Sciences (sold to Smiths Group PLC). Before Rustic Canyon, John was general manager of online real estate for the Los Angeles Times. John received his MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA and his BA from Duke University. John began his career as a software programmer.
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  • James Bassett

    James Bassett

    Cal Poly Center for Regenerative Studies
    Dr. James Bassett earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology at UCLA in 1984. In 1988 he earned a Master's degree from the Ohio State University in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and went on to earn a Ph.D. at the same institution in Industrial and Organizational Psychology with a minor in International Business in 1991. After gaining five years of teaching experience and participating in a variety of consulting projects, Dr. Bassett joined the faculty of Cal Poly Pomona's College of Business. As a business economics professor he has taught courses in sustainable development at Cal Poly's Center for Regenerative Studies.
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  • Yves Behar

    Yves Behar

    Yves Behar is the founder of the San Francisco design studio, fuseproject. Yves is focused on humanistic design and the "giving" element of his profession, with the goal of creating projects that are deeply in-tune with the needs of a sustainable future, connected with human emotions and enable self-expression.
    He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious National Design Award for Industrial Design celebrating design as a 'vital humanistic tool shaping the world' - awarded by Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian National Design Museum. He has also received the INDEX: Design to Improve Life, "Community" award for his role in creating the "XO" laptop.
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  • Fridolin Beisert

    Fridolin Beisert

    Associate Professor
    Art Center College of Design
    Fridolin Beisert is a practicing design professional who also conducts workshops and lectures for global corporations and executive education institutions. He received his Master's of Science in Industrial Design on the topic of Creative Strategies, which consists of a set of learning techniques that stimulate and liberate the creative potential of individuals to help them apply new conceptual thinking into their work. Currently, Fridolin is an associate professor at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena with a focus on teaching creative problem solving, design thinking methodologies, cross-disciplinary team projects and sustainable design strategies. Prior to this role he worked in Tokyo developing futuristic game titles for Sony, formed an international concept design consultancy, played as an underground DJ in clubs on 3 continents, wrote a book on learning design using 3D software and also studied traditional papermaking from a Japanese national living treasure.
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  • Colin Bryant

    Colin Bryant

    VP Paladin Capital Group
    Paladin Capital Group
    Mr. Bryant is a Vice President of Paladin Capital Group, a venture capital and private equity investment firm based in Washington, D. C., where he is actively involved in the firm's portfolio companies and principal investing activities. His investment experience includes a broad spectrum of different deal types, ranging from growth investments in early stage and late stage technology companies, to middle-market buyouts, to industrial project finance, to public company M&A. Mr. Bryant's industry-specific experience spans the renewable energy and clean technology sectors (including solar, biodiesel, ethanol, next-generation biofuels, bioplastics, feedstock production, batteries/energy storage, smart grid, etc.), as well as a number of other industries, such as IT security, enterprise software, networking technology, telecommunications, automotive, general manufacturing, and international agriculture, among others.
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  • Jim Davis

    Jim Davis

    Executive Director, Sustainability, Energy, and Carbon Impact
    Jim Davis is Executive Director, Sustainability, Energy & Climate Impact Solutions with SAP, the world's leading business applications software company. Jim works at SAP Labs in Silicon Valley and provides internal and external thought leadership for SAP's rapidly growing portfolio of enterprise sustainability solutions. Jim also directs partnerships, alliances and business development to deliver SAP solutions to organizations of all sizes in private industry and government.
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  • Peter Diamandis

    Peter Diamandis

    X Prize Foundation
    Peter Diamandis is the founder of the X Prize Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is simply "to bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity." By offering a big cash prize for a specific accomplishment, the X Prize stimulates competition and excitement around some of the planet's most important goals. Diamandis' background is in space exploration -- before the X Prize, he ran a company that studied low-cost launching technologies and another company that took civilians on rides into the upper atmosphere. But though the X Prize's first $10 million went to a space-themed challenge, Diamandis' goal now is to extend the prize into health care, social policy, education and many other fields that could use a dose of competitive innovation.
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  • Molly Dix

    Molly Dix

    Technical Team Manager
    Ms. Dix has 17 years of technology commercialization experience for corporate, government, and academic clients. She has managed RTI's commercialization activities for NASA, Kellogg Co., Kimberly-Clark, Whirlpool, Osram Sylvania, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, and the U.S. Department of Energy. Her efforts in identifying and securing licensees have resulted in more than 25 licenses, and Ms. Dix has won six national awards for her exceptional performance in technology commercialization.
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  • Jesse Dylan

    Jesse Dylan

    Jesse Dylan has been behind some of the most successful commercial campaigns in television, print, and interactive advertising. He has created award-winning commercials for clients including Nike, Nintendo, Motorola, American Express, NFL, and MTV. Much of Jesse's work is devoted to telling the stories of innovative projects, people, and organizations worldwide through his company FreeForm.
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  •  Mark Fischetti

    Mark Fischetti

    Scientific American
    Mark Fischetti is an editor at Scientific American magazine and oversees its energy and environmental coverage. He is a veteran journalist who has written freelance for The New York Times, Smithsonian, Sports Illustrated, Fast Company and many other publications. His 2001 article, Drowning New Orleans, in Scientific American predicted the widespread disaster that a monster storm like Hurricane Katrina would impose, and described comprehensive projects that would save the city and the Mississippi delta. Fischetti has a physics degree and has twice served as the Attaway Fellow in Civic Culture at Centenary College in Louisiana. He lives in Lenox, Massachusetts, where he started, runs and plays in a county-wide Over-40 soccer league.
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  • Dan Freeman

    David Freeman

    Interim General Manager
    S. David Freeman is the Interim General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, formerly the Deputy Mayor of Energy and Environment and President of the Harbor Commission. Under his leadership, the boards of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach adopted the landmark San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action plan in November, 2005. The Clean Air Action Plan provides a comprehensive strategy for reducing air emissions from port operations by nearly 50 percent over a period of five years.
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  • Julie Gilhart

    Julie Gilhart

    SVP, Fashion Director
    As fashion director of the most forward-thinking big store in the city, Julie Gilhart is responsible for feeding customers a constant diet of the new and lust-worthy. She does this by trekking to designers' studios and then championing those she thinks have the proper balance of real design skill and luxury. She's promoted Alber Elbaz (now a star at Lanvin after a rocky few years), Proenza Schouler, Olivier Theyskens, Goyard, and Project Alabama, to name a few. And with Barneys expanding across the country, Gilhart's effect is going national.
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  • sean-gourley

    Sean Gourley

    Sean is a physicist, political advisor and co-founder of the startup YouNoodle. Originally from New Zealand, he has run for National elected office and helped start New Zealand's first nanotech company. Sean studied at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar where he recieved a PhD for his research on the mathematical patterns that underlie modern war. This research has taken him all over the world, from Government meetings in Iraq to addressing the United Nations in Vienna. This research was recognised with the award of a TED fellowship. Previously Sean worked at NASA designing self repairing nano-circuits and is a two time New Zealand track and field champion. He is now based in San Francisco where he heads up the the research and data division at Younoodle.
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  • Sharon Greene

    Sharon Greene

    Managing Director
    RISC International
    Sharon Greene is Managing Director of RISC International, a consumer behaviour and trends consultancy assisting global companies to design long term business strategies. RISC International consultants advise clients based on their permanent field research which examines lifestyle, values, attitudes and consumption patterns/behaviour of approximately 35 000 people in 11 markets, in Western and Eastern Europe, North and Latin America and Asia. This gives them the intelligence to interpret consumer behaviour and anticipate future consumer trends around the world.
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  • Chris Hacker

    Chris Hacker

    Chief Design Officer
    Johnson and Johnson
    Chris Hacker leads all creative processes for brand identity, packaging design and brand imagery at J&J Consumer. Hacker's passion is bringing awareness to designers of their power in the business world to make sustainable design a key paradigm of design process.
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    » Johnson and Johnson website

  • Mark Heaney

    Mark Heaney

    Vice President
    Mr. Heaney is the Principle in Charge of AlterEcho, delivering leadership and inspiration to help clients develop and leverage their green capabilities for financial and environmental performance. He provides 20 years of experience in environmental management and sustainability programs, with technical and field expertise in waste minimization, pollution prevention and site characterization. Mr. Heaney has managed large environmental programs for the EPA and private sector, focusing on best practices, resource management, preservation and restoration of facilities throughout the United States. He also leads support efforts for the EPA's Resource Conservation Challenge program, partnering with the private sector to prioritize resource conservation, waste and chemical pollutant minimization, energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction benefits.
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  • Liz Heller

    Liz Heller

    CEO & Founder
    Buzztone is an agent of popular culture, raising the bar for next-generation product marketing. Clients include include Fox Television, Coca-Cola, Atlantic Records, Electronic Arts, and Warner Bros. Founder Liz Heller was one of the first Hollywood executives to employ the power of previously unexplored mediums such as the Internet, music video, and DVD. The inspiration for Buzztone was drawn from extensive experience in the music and film industries. As Executive Vice President at Capitol Records Ms. Heller forged early alliances with strategic partners including Microsoft, Macromedia, Liquid Audio and Apple. As an independent film producer she produced the feature film adaptation of Jim Carroll's The Basketball Diaries, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This followed a period at Island Visual Arts and MCA Records where she launched the music video department and executive produced over 1,200 videos for artists such as Bobby Brown, Tom Petty and New Edition.
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  • Michael Hopkins

    Michael S. Hopkins

    MIT Sloan Management Review
    Michael S. Hopkins is Editor-in-Chief of the MIT Sloan Management Review, the leading print and web publication that brings ideas from the world of thinkers (scholars, researchers, management theoreticians) to the executives and managers who use those ideas to build businesses. Since joining the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Review in 2007, Hopkins has especially focused the publication on inquiries into collaborative innovation and the management implications of sustainability-two key drivers of organization model transformation and new practices in strategy and leadership.
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  • Zem Joaquin

    Zem Joaquin

    Founder/Editor in chief
    Zem has been a contributing eco-editor at House & Garden, Domino, Architectural Digest and 7x7 Magazines. She received the 2009 Global Green Millennium Founder's Award for her contributions as a Global Green board member, Co-Chair of Global Green's San Francisco Committee, and Founder of Global Green's Successful Annual Fundraiser and Ecofashion event. Mentored by William McDonough, Zem is a certified BuildItGreen design and strategy consultant and Cradle to Cradle enthusiast who helps companies and individuals create beautiful, smart, sustainable spaces and practices.
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    » ecofabulous website

  • Scott Johnson

    Scott Johnson

    Fair Ridge Group
    Scott has over 20 years of management consulting experience, working with Andersen Consulting, Axiom Management Consulting and Cambridge Technology Partners. Scott's career has focused on business transformation through the optimization and innovation of processes, organizations, metrics and technologies. In developing transformation strategies, Scott has engaged stakeholders at all organization levels (CXOs, business unit leads, and line managers) – and in the deployment of these strategies, he has addressed a wide range of solutions, including operational continuous improvement, bio-fuel programs, fleet management, dashboard & reporting solutions, recycling programs, and Green IT/ server virtualization.
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  • Chris-Jordan

    Chris Jordan

    Photographic Artist, chrisjordan.com
    Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan is an internationally acclaimed artist and cultural activist whose work explores the frightening waste of our mass culture. His compelling, intricately detailed photographs reveal the staggering weight of statistics, inviting the viewer to see every detail as a metaphor for the role of the individual in our hypermodern society. Jordan's work is exhibited widely in the US and Europe, and has been featured in print, online, and in film and television all over the globe. He has exhibited and spoken about his work to more than fifty audiences in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
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  • Nurit Katz

    Nurit Katz

    Sustainability Coordinator
    As UCLA's first Sustainability Coordinator, Nurit Katz is working to foster partnerships among academic, research, and operational departments and further the goals and initiatives of the campus sustainability program. Before starting in this position she founded the UCLA Sustainable Resource Center in 2005 to provide resources for the community on sustainability.
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  • Clark Kellog

    Clark Kellogg

    Collective Invention, Inc.
    Clark Kellogg is a designer who has worked across the disciplines of architecture, graphic, product, communication and organization design. His most recent course at UC Berkeley where he's taught about design for 10 years is "What a Sustainable World Demands of Design(ers) and How We Can Respond." He is a partner in the San Francisco based social innovation firm, Collective Invention/Innovation for the Common Good, which applies known art about innovation and design thinking to seemingly intractable problems crucial to us all: sustainability, education, and health.
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  • Clark Kellog

    Joseph Kwasnik

    Senior Consultant
    Mr. Kwasnik is a senior consultant at AlterEcho and an experienced executive with over 30 years of experience in the utility environmental and climate change arena. He developed the Climate Change Initiative for a major international utility which included the adoption of an 80% reduction of GHG emissions by 2050, development and implementation of carbon budgets across each of the untility's Lines of Business and linking of these budgets to management compensation. Mr. Kwasnik directed the management of the GHG inventory process for the entire scope of utility operations, lead communication of the Initiative to employees, investors, legislators and government policy makers and formed an internal team to drive necessary changes within the utility organization to achieve the adopted climate change targets. He also has managed air and water quality issues and permitting programs for utility generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure, operational environmental compliance activities (RCRA, TSCA, CERCLA, etc), waste site remediation of legacy utility manufactured gas plant, PCB and ash sites, and management of large environmental teams.
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    » AlterEcho website

  • Joe Laur

    Joe Laur

    Vice President of Content
    Joe Laur is Vice President of Content for Greenopolis, a web based social network, media and educational center, marketplace and playground fostering learning and collaborative action on green issues. Joe was a founding partner of SEED Systems, a consultancy dedicated to learning and action for sustainable enterprise, applying systems thinking, scientific frameworks and organizational learning to foster innovation in companies engaging with environmental and social issues.
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    » Greenopolis website

  • Annie Leonard

    Annie Leonard

    Producer, Writer, Founder
    The Story of Stuff
    Annie Leonard is an expert in international sustainability and environmental health issues, with more than 20 years of experience investigating factories and dumps around the world. As coordinator of the Funders Workgroup for Sustainable Production and Consumption, a funder collaborative working for a sustainable and just world, Annie communicates worldwide about the impact of consumerism and materialism on global economies and international health.
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    » The Story of Stuff website

  • Adam Lowry

    Adam Lowry

    Co-founder, Chief Greenskeeper
    Method Products, Inc.
    The arbiter of the substance side of Method, co-founder Adam heads up the Greenskeeping team (aka environmental specialists, scientists and toxicologists). He began his career in product design by inventing two US patent-pending products for use in the automotive industry, and then he spent four years as a climate scientist at the Carnegie Institution. Adam's cocktail approach to developing Method's innovative formulas has transformed the chore of cleaning into a safe, easy and more satisfying experience. An environmentalist by nature, Adam does admit he's got a thing for muscle cars. Affectionately referring to his 1967 Pontiac GTO convertible as his "first wife," he promises he doesn't drive it too often.
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    » Method Products, Inc. website

  • Alex MacDonald

    Alex MacDonald

    NASA Ames Research Center
    Alex MacDonald is a research faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University and serves as the senior economist at the NASA Ames Research Center in Northern California. His doctoral dissertation at the University of Oxford, The Remote Space Age: An Economic History of Space Exploration from Galileo to Gagarin, is the first long-run historical analysis of the economics of space exploration. At NASA, Alex has served as economic advisor on private and commercial space endeavors, such as the development of NASA's Commercial Reusable Suborbital Research program. He has presented at the United Nations on asteroid impact mitigation and has worked on spacecraft mission designs for coral reef health monitoring, earthquake early-warning, urban development mapping, and asteroid rendezvous.
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    » NASA Ames Research Center website

  • Tashion Macon

    Tashion Macon

    Sr. Manager, Partnerships & Promotions
    Tashion Macon acts as Senior Manager of Partnerships and Promotions for T-Mobile USA, Inc. Tashion has more than 12 years of leadership experience building marketing and promotions campaigns and strategic planning. In her role at T-Mobile, Tashion is responsible for driving brand strategy across all T-Mobile platforms, propriety products, partner products and services. Under Tashion's direction, T-Mobile launched its first integrated and televised promotion that over delivered by 100%.
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    » T-Mobile website

  • Alexis Madrigal

    Alexis Madrigal

    Clean Technology Writer
    Alexis Madrigal is a newsman following energy and science at Wired.com. His work also appears in Dwell, Earth2Tech, and Arcade. He's interested in defining how technology is changing human beings' brains, consumption patterns, and environments. His mom is still happy that Madrigal graduated from Harvard.
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    » Wired.com website

  • Heidrun Mumper-Drumm

    Heidrun Mumper-Drumm

    Director of Sustainability Initiatives
    Art Center College of Design
    A graphic designer and letterpress printer, Heidrun Mumper-Drumm is an associate professor and the Director of Sustainability Initiatives at Art Center College of Design. Since 2003, her focus has been on the incorporation of sustainability principles into design education and the design process. As a former environmental engineer for Bechtel and Parsons Engineering, her background includes nuclear, geothermal, solar and wind energy projects, as well as environmental management for NASA and the US Air Force. She has been applying this experience, as well as current thinking about sustainability, to reframing the design process to enable designers to create more sustainable products and services. This 'lifecycle design' approach expands the definition of design beyond form and function, to the goal of form, function and sustainability.
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    » Art Center College of Design website

  • Leilani Munter

    Leilani Munter

    Race Car Driver & Environmentalist
    Leilani holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology specializing in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution from the University of California San Diego. While attending college she worked as a volunteer at a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center. She started racing cars in 2001 and quickly began making a name for herself in the racing world. In 2006 she set the record for the highest finish for a female driver in the history of Texas Motor Speedway when she finished fourth. In 2007 Leilani became the fourth woman in history to race in the Indy Pro Series, the developmental league of IndyCar. She qualified 5th for her open wheel debut in August 2007 and earned praise from many in the IndyCar community including four time Indy 500 Champion Rick Mears.
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    » Carbonfreegirl.com website

  • David Muyres

    David Muyres

    David Muyres most recently held the position of Vice President, Educational Initiatives, for Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. In this capacity, Muyres was responsible for developing new strategic offerings for the college. These ranged from educational programs targeted to business executives in order to demonstrate the value of creative process and design thinking, to ArtCenterPRO, a unique program in which companies, as sponsors, collaborate with Art Center students to create real-world design solutions.
    » David Muyres's full bio

  • Dan Neil

    Dan Neil

    Columnist and staff writer
    Los Angeles Times
    Dan Neil is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and staff writer for the Los Angeles Times where he currently writes three columns: Rumble Seat, about automobiles and car culture, Mindshare about advertising and marketing, and Major Domo focused on home technology. As one of the Times' signature voices, his byline appears in almost every section of the paper, including Op-Ed, Travel, Sports, Entertainment and online video content. He has contributed to Esquire, Time, Car and Driver and The New York Times and has been a weekly commentator on KCRW and Marketplace, by American Public Media.
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    » Los Angeles Times website

  • Romel Pascual

    Romel Pascual

    Acting Deputy Mayor for Energy and Environment
    City of Los Angeles
    Romel Pascual currently serves as the Acting Deputy Mayor for Energy and Environment, and also served as the Director of Environment for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. He is responsible for developing and implementing the Mayor's environmental and energy agenda. He is a key advisor on environmental priorities for the Mayor, including climate change, environmental justice, green economy, open space, brownfields redevelopment, and sustainability. Romel was one of the principal authors of the City's GreenLA Climate Change Action Plan released in 2006. He represents the City of Los Angeles on the steering committee for the C40 Large Cities Climate Group.
    » Romel Pascual' full bio
    » City of Los Angeles website

  • Lewis Perkins

    Lewis Perkins

    Sustainable Strategist
    New House, LLC
    A long-time advocate for doing the right thing, Lewis Perkins is a champion for sustainability personally and professionally. Perkins works with companies both big and small on creating a programs and awareness for environmental and social initiatives. Over the past several years, Perkins led the "green" charge as director of sustainable strategies for The Mohawk Group, a leading carpet manufacturer and commercial division of Mohawk Industries, Perkins draws on this passion to help advance the company's mission of environmental and social responsibility. Coupling strong leadership skills with his fervent commitment to ensuring a positive future for the world around us, he helps drive awareness for the importance of sustainable design through strategic marketing communications for all of his customers through partnerships with philanthropic organizations such as Global Green USA, Easter Seals and Susan G. Komen. Prior to his current consulting projects, he served with The Clean Air Campaign. Perkins holds a Master of Business Administration in marketing and strategy with a focus on social responsibility from Emory University and a Bachelor of Arts from Washington & Lee University.
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    » New House LLC website

  • Sarah Rich

    Sarah Rich

    Sarah Rich is leading voice in the fields of sustainability, design and new media. She has been an editor at Dwell magazine since 2007. Prior to joining Dwell, Sarah was the founding managing editor of Inhabitat.com and the managing editor of Worldchanging.com, where she co-authored the book Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century (Abrams, 2006).
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    » dwell website

  • Jonah Sachs

    Jonah Sachs

    CO-Founder/Creative Director
    Free Range Studios
    Jonah's pioneering communications work has helped hundreds of progressive organizations break through the media din with strategic, inspiring messages. He is widely considered a leader in the powerful movement to spread progressive political and social messages through use of the Web. Jonah's visionary use of viral marketing has been featured in dozens of top TV networks (CNN, Fox News, MSNBC) radio outlets (NPR, CBC) and newspapers (e.g. The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times). In 2001, Jonah was named one of "The Thirty People Cleaning up the Earth" by Shift magazine.
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    » Free Range Studios website

  • Sandra Sanchez

    Sandra Sanchez

    Seasoned reality TV host and producer, Sandra Sanchez, can currently be seen as a host on E!'s "That Morning" Show airing live from 6am-9am, seven days a week. She also continues her hosting duties on "New Music Tuesday" on FOX's action sports channel, Fuel TV, a weekly show in its fifth year.
    » Sandra Sanchez's full bio
    » www.orGLAMic.com website
    » www.sandrasanchez.tv website

  • Len Sauers

    Len Sauers

    VP, Global Sustainability
    Procter & Gamble
    Len is Vice President for Global Sustainability at P&G. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, he leads the company's overall sustainability efforts. Len is a 23-year veteran of P&G with broad-reaching experience in human safety, regulatory affairs, and environmental science. In addition to his Global Sustainability leadership role, Len also leads the Human and Environmental Safety, Regulatory Affairs, and Corporate Biotechnology organizations worldwide. These groups are responsible for conducting human and environmental risk assessments for new products and ingredients, ensuring regulatory compliance, and conducting upstream basic research. Prior to joining P&G, Len served in the US Army as part of the Medical Research and Development Command. He was stationed at the Letterman Army Institute of Research in San Francisco.
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    » Proctor & Gamble website

  • Jamie Simon

    Jamie Simon

    Director of Sustainability
    Jamie Simon is the Director of Sustainability for Red Bull North America. Her primary responsibility is to identify programs that restore the environment, increase profitability, reduce risk, and improve brand value. As a former World Champion and Red Bull athlete in Freestyle kayaking, Jamie has a deep connection to nature. Her goals include finding the intersection of nature and business, where they profit most, and delivering this unique intersection through her work in corporate social responsibility.
    » Jamie Simon's full bio
    » Redbull website

  • Chris Spain

    Chris Spain

    Chairman of the Board
    Hydropoint Data Systems
    Chris Spain is chairman and chief strategy officer of HydroPoint. Mr. Spain co-founded HydroPoint in 2002 with the vision of providing smart water management for sustained conservation and cost savings. Today HydroPoint is regarded as a proven leader in clean technology, with top-tier venture and strategic partnerships.
    » Chris Spain's full bio
    » Hydropoint Data Systems website

  • Beth Springer

    Beth Springer

    Executive Vice President
    Clorox Corporation
    Ms. Beth Springer has been Executive Vice President of International and Natural Personal Care at Clorox Corporation since January 2009. At Clorox, Ms. Springer has responsibility for creating an overall, enterprise perspective on long-range strategy and business planning functions. Ms. Springer served as Executive vice president of strategy and growth of Clorox from January 2007 to January 2009 and oversaw enterprise long-range strategy and business planning, the Clorox's growth planning, including acquisitions and partnerships, and the corporate Eco Office. She served as Vice President and General Manager of Glad Products division of The Clorox Co. since October 1, 2002 and also as its Group Vice President of Speciality since January 18, 2005. Ms. Springer joined The Clorox Co. in 1990 as an Associate Marketing Manager in household products, and subsequently held marketing positions of increasing responsibility with Clorox Co.'s litter and home care businesses. In October 1999, Ms. Springer was appointed Vice President of marketing, Glad Products. Prior to Clorox, she was employed at Braxton Associates/Deloitte in management consulting. Ms. Springer holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Bryn Mawr College, and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Harvard University.
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    » Clorox Corporation website

  • Rich Steinberg

    Rich Steinberg

    Director of the MINI E
    Rich Steinberg is the Director of the MINI E Program for MINI USA (a division of BMW of North America). Rich was responsible for the introduction of the MINI E to the US market in his previous capacity as the Manager, Product Strategy for the MINI brand and is currently managing Sales, Marketing & Product Strategy EV topics for the BMW Group.

    Rich joined the BMW Group in 1997 with their Financial Services division, and then started up the MINI division in 1999 in advance of the brand's reintroduction to the US market in March, 2002. Rich spent 13 years at Nissan North America before joining BMW. Rich has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Trinity College in Hartford, CT.
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    » MINI USA website

  • James Sutandyo

    James Sutandyo

    Strategic Development
    James currently oversees mobile and social media developments at Causecast. His primary focus is on developing tools and best practices that will allow nonprofits to focus on what really matters, being on the ground and making change. James' work at Causecast has spanned from growing Causecast's online social influence, to the design and development of online campaigns and fundraising widgets, to the development and launch of Causecast Mobile Fundraising.

    James is also a frequent speaker in the topic of social media for nonprofits. His most recent speaking engagement was on the topic of Social Media Tools and Tips for Nonprofits at the Blog World Expo '09.
    » James Sutandyo's full bio
    » Causecast website

  • Boise Thomas

    Boise Thomas

    Alter Eco, Planet Green, Discovery Channel
    Boise Thomas is the fresh face of Adrian Grenier's Alter Eco, an environmentally-focused lifestyle show on Discovery Communications' new eco-focused channel Planet Green.
    » Boise Thomas' full bio
    » Alter Eco website
    » Planet Green website
    » Discovery Channel website

  • Julie Gilhart

    Gervais Tompkin

    AIA, LEED AP, Principal
    A Principal with the global design firm Gensler, Gervais is a creative talent with a passion for both intuitive understanding and scientific rigor. As a leader of the Gensler Consulting Practice Area Gervais applies a research based design process to complex design problems.

    Some recent projects include: Rethinking how multi-disciplinary scientific communities collaborate (SRI), Helping support a shift from post crime forensics to pre crime intelligence (FBI), Reducing the carbon footprint of work by reorganizing workspace for mobility (HP), Using ethnographic design processes to mitigate the negative experiential effects of increased airport security processes (San Jose Airport), Studying social media and small company networks as inspiration for new mixed use urban prototypes (Forest City).
    » Gervais Tompkin's full bio
    » Gensler website

  • Antonio Villaraigosa

    Antonio R. Villaraigosa*

    Mayor of Los Angeles
    Antonio R. Villaraigosa is the 41st mayor of Los Angeles. He was elected on May 17, 2005 and sworn in to office on July 1, 2005. Villaraigosa is known for his exceptional skill at building broad bi-partisan coalitions and is considered one of the leading progressive voices in the country. His mayoral platform emphasizes finding solutions to the major issues facing Los Angeles including education, transportation, public safety, economic development and ethics.
    » Antonio R. Villaraigosa's full bio

  • Lorie Vogel

    Lorrie Vogel

    General Manager
    Nike Considered
    Currently Lorrie is the General Manager for Nike's Considered team. Considered is the team responsible for introducing sustainable products and business models. Prior to becoming the GM Lorrie was the Innovation Director for Nike Footwear, Apparel and Equipment. Her innovative thinking has lead to several new product technologies with patents to prove it. Her passion for design, innovation and sustainability brought her to the role as a leader in bringing sustainability to all facets of Nike product.
    » Lorrie Vogel's full bio
    » Nike Considered website

  • Helen Walters

    Helen Walters

    Editor, Innovation and Design Channel
    Business Week
    Helen Walters is the editor for BusinessWeek.com's Innovation and Design Channel. She is also a contributing editor to design magazine Creative Review. Walters is the author of several books, including a survey of experimental animation, a monograph of a Brooklyn design agency, and a series of titles featuring contemporary T-shirt graphics.
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    » Business Week website

  • Llewellyns Wells

    Llewellyn Wells

    Vice President, Communications
    Rocky Mountain Institute
    As Vice President of Communications, Mr. Wells ensures the clear and effective messaging of RMI's work. His leadership in media, branding, and communications has helped the organization reach a significantly wider audience. Having produced a number of feature films and television programs, Mr. Wells is highly experienced in rolling out large-scale media campaigns and initiatives.
    » Llewellyn Wells's full bio
    Rocky Mountain Institute website

  • Freya Williams

    Freya Williams

    Senior Partner & Planning Director
    Freya Williams is co-founder and global planning director of OgilvyEarth, advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather's global sustainability practice. OgilvyEarth offers clients advice on how to uncover the leadership opportunity in sustainability to create cultural currency and relevance for their brands. Freya founded the practice with partner Seth Farbman in 2007 on a belief that sustainability is the biggest business opportunity of the 21st century, an ethical and business mandate.
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    » OgilvyEarth website

  • Daniel Winokur

    Daniel Winokur

    Strategic Sustainability Consultant
    Fair Ridge Group
    Daniel is a Strategic Sustainability Consultant with expertise in sustainable technologies, systems, and management practices. He has worked on a wide range of sustainability consulting initiatives, from implementing basic efficiencies to planning the integration of sustainability into management practices and strategy. Much of his work has focused on quantifying the financial impact of sustainability, as well as addressing the challenges in communicating with and educating others about the benefits of sustainable management.
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    » Fair Ridge Group website